A Psychic Reading with Angelcloud

What to expect when you have a reading:

I am here to help you with your life issues and problems from work, relationship, a particular life issue or anything else that you need to understand.

Often due to feeling stressed and unwell we do not think straight and I am here to help guide you and that is all I can do, it is not for spirit to say you have to do something, your freewill always has the right to believe or not believe anything you are told.

I am here to give you understanding and in doing so you can better understand why you are stuck or cannot make that decision, or move forward with a situation.   That is my role to help give you words and guidance. 


What I need from you: 

Only that you sit relaxed, do not try to block me as it only messes up your reading, don’t forget I am working with your energy, the energy that is around your body like the ready breck advert, that energy glow around you, if you are not feeling happy or well your energy will be close to your body making it harder to connect with you, but we normally get on well as long as you are relaxed.  I do not want you to tell me anything as I hate being fed with information. 


I am not going to tell you anything bad, spirit wants to help you not give you a heart attack!