Meet my team of guides - I have many more but these are the guides I work with on a daily basis

Bluecloud - My Door keeper, my main man, he leads my team and other than my Dr guide he speaks on behalf of the rest of them to me.

Dr Francis - A scottish red headed lady, wears glasses, very accurate and knowledgeable.  She tells me she  was a specialist in ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat). 


Where health issues arise it is important in every instant that you go to your own local doctor to discuss your health. 

Please note this picture is someone who looks like my guide as I see her.


Sister Mary (nun) - A gentle spirit who comes to bring myself and others peace and tranquility when needed. This picture only shows her as I see her

I am very lucky that I have two angel guides, one is called Sophia, she came first and taught me much about the angelic realms, next came Amelia, elegant, gentle and so caring to peoples troubles, she helps and guides along with the rest of my guides.

Le - Chang - This is my psychic artist guide,  he has worked with me since I began drawing, The way he works is links to the person, he asks for a picture of the person, guide or relative, to be shown to me, I will then draw them, I only get a quick flash of the person's face, the rest of the time, I draw and get given a positive or negative feeling as to whether what i am drawing is correct.

As with the other guide pictures, this shows a person who looks like my guide.