(please always check the price this may change due to time of event location)


Angel Card Workshop (Eve workshop 7-9pm)

Working with cards to guide you with others or yourself 

Eve only £10.00 


Angel Workshop (Eve workshop 7-9pm)

Finding out who your angel guide is and working with them 

Eve only £10.00 


Spirit Guide Workshop (Eve workshop 7-9pm)

Understand your guides and why they are with us 

Eve only £10.00 


Intensive psychic development workshop (various locations) (10.00-16.00)

From beginner to those who wish for a refresher, this workshop gives you an insight into all of the different aspects of development to help you decide where your path with take you. 

Price £35.00  (all day and includes refreshments but not lunch)


Mediumship workshop (10.00-16.00)

Learn to connect and work with spirit to help others and yourself 

Price £35.00 (all day and includes refreshments but not lunch)


Psychic Drawing workshop (7-9pm)

Learn to understand how to work with the spirit world in order to draw 

Eve only £30.00 


Paranormal Workshop (Eve workshop 7-9pm)

Be given an understanding of seeing, feeling and sensing and what it is like to be part of an investigation

Eve only £10.00 


Pendulum Dowsing Workshop (Eve Workshop 7-9pm)

Work with your dowser to answer questions or gain guidance for yourself on a daily basis 

Eve only £10.00 


Psychometry Workshop (Eve workshop 7-9pm)

Work with the energies of an object in order to gain insight into information connected with it 

Eve only £10.00 


Protection Workshop (Eve workshop 7-9pm)

If you do any type of spiritual work whether it is healing, readings etc you need to protect yourself and others this workshop is learning not only how to protect yourself but help guide others to do the same 

Eve only £10.00 


If you are interested in any of these workshops please either email: or text: 07737 514440 with your name, contact details, your interested workshop, I will contact you back and let you know when the next workshop will be taking place and where.